7 Duminica (zi de odihna si de aducere aminte)

Cuckoo Clock and Grandfather Clock | alexandrescudaniela.com

„Time is money.”

„One moment can change everything” (Wieland)

„One minute to question worth as an eternity of suffering.” (Balzac)

„The loss of good time is the mother and the seed of bad time.” (Cantemir)

„It is not wise to say:” I shall live”; life of tomorrow is too late – live today. „(Martialis)

„Those who uses time badly are the first to complain of the shortness of it.” (La Bruyere)

„Whatever the duration of time, the science of utilization will make it longer.” (Seneca)

And this is how i start my foray into the mysteries of time, recalling some proverbs and quotes about it. So the time can mold according to our lives and depends on how you use it. If you realize that using the time doing the right thing when the time is appropriate, it will become your companion in happiness. Otherwise you will suffer the eternity of it in suffering because the pain is even longer than anything else, even if time, in His wisdom, sits, sometimes, for a while, till you bring your steps to the right path.

Because time was, is and will be transient, because it runs somewhere and nothing makes it come back, the man thought to materialize it in one way or another. But if this was not possible than he thought to measure it. So the clock has been created to store seconds, minutes, years of memories which time gave/give us as a present.

I was fascinated by those old clocks, being closed into wooden boxes, which whisper, slowly, patiently, tic-tac’s melodiously. From time to time they stop to make you know that an hour has passed, raising to heaven the well known ding-dong. There are clocks that hide in the lonely cuckoo, who appears only when it is necessary, enjoying your ears with his wonderful: cu-ckoo. But the most incredible thing you can feel, when the beats clock you hear are the only ones in the room, is the quietness, calmness and patience of time, which surrounds your mind and soul. You feel yourself protected, as if you are locked into a bubble of separate times, in which everything that exists is YOU.

Each of us should have such a clock. No need to look at a Grandfather Clock and a Cuckoo Clock as an acquisition, a simple furniture, but is a way to buy time, for yourself, that will help you find yout inner YOU in the hundreds, thousands of seconds hissing on your ears, but also a smart way to invest in the things you want to finish.

From: http://ping.fm/Jqskp

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